Anti-corruption Plan of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

"Maritime Administration" Executive Agency affords you the opportunity to submit information on cases of corruption or irregularities while you were served or to make proposals on the improvement of our work as well as to express your satisfaction or acknowledgement of the services rendered.

You may do this as follows:

  • Call us from free of charge telephone number 080011022. We will consider as valid only messages which begin with your personal data - first name, family name, address and telephone number in case we need to contact you;
  • To fill in the electronic form
  • To download a sample whistleblowing form that you can submit:

       - on site at the BMA office;
       - by mail;
       - trough the eDelivery System, provided the alert is signed with a qualified electronic signature;
- by e-mail [email protected], provided that the alert is signed with a qualified electronic signature.

We inform you that in line with the provision of Art. 47, para. 6 of the Counter-Corruption and Unlawfully Acquired Assets Forfeiture Act anonymous alerts are not considered and are not forwarded by competence.
According to Art. 48 of the Counter-Corruption and Unlawfully Acquired Assets Forfeiture Act each alert should contain:
1. forename, patronymic and surname, Single Public Registry Personal Number, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address, if any, of the whistleblower;
2. the names of the person against whom the alert is submitted, and the senior public office held thereby;
3. specific data about the alleged breach, including place and period of commission of the breach, description of the act and other circumstances whereunder it was committed;
4. reference to documents or other sources which contain information supporting the allegations in the alert, including of particulars of persons who could confirm the data reported or provide additional information;
5. date of submission of the alert;
6. signature of the whistleblower.
According to the provision of Art. 73 of the Counter-Corruption and Unlawfully Acquired Assets Forfeiture Act, proceedings to establish a conflict of interest, as well as for violations under Art. 68 and 69 shall be instituted within six months from the detection but not later than three years after the commission of the violation.
The electing or appointing authority shall pronounce by a reasoned decision in writing within two months from the institution of the proceedings. In cases of factual and legal complexity, the time may be extended on a single occasion by 30 days.
In line with the provisions of Art. 111, paragraph 4 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, no proceedings shall be instituted on anonymous proposals or alerts, as well as on alerts concerning violations committed before a period exceeding two years.
Alerts resubmitted on a matter on which there is already a decision are not assigned for consideration, unless they are in connection with theimplementation of the decision or are based on new facts and circumstances.
Within two months from the registration of the alert a decision is made for which the whistleblower is notified."


We reassure you that the information on cases of corruption or violations, done by our officers shall be verified.

It is desirable to send evidence of the violations discovered. This will improve the efficiency of our actions during the verifying process.