Possibility to use Internet - based platform SEABLY of maritime training centers

According to Section В – I/6, para. 6 of the STCW Code, as amended, Parties may allow the training of seafarers by distance learning and e‑learning in accordance with the standards of training and assessment set out in section A-I/6 and the guidance given in Section B – I/6 of the Code.
Taking into account the advantages, conveniences and prospects of this type of training, leading to savings of time and money, without reducing the efficiency and quality of training, the Bulgarian Maritime Administration believes that maritime training centres can use Internet-based platforms for theoretical training of seafarers in special and additional training courses where applicable.
The Agency conducted tests of the Internet-based distance learning platform for seafarers Seably.
The tests showed satisfactory results, and as such the Bulgarian Maritime Administration believes that the maritime training using the platform will be easy and accessible online for the maritime community, including shipowners and seafarers for different types of ships.
In connection with the above, as well as due to the increased interest of training centres in the Seably platform, the Bulgarian Maritime Administration gives its consent to maritime training centres that are interested and have a valid order for approval by the Agency of theoretical courses for special and additional training, to present a pilot project of a course based on the Seably platform to the Agency. If the pilot project shows satisfactory results the maritime training centres can set up Seably-based special and additional training courses that are entirely theoretical or in their theoretical part of the training program, within their valid approval order for the given course of the educational institution/centre. If an educational institution/centre does not have a valid order for approval, the same may apply under the terms and conditions of Ordinance № 6 on Seafarers, Competence in the Republic of Bulgaria.