The agency is a legal entity under the budget support of the Minister of Transport and Communications, with headquarters in Sofia and regional directorates in Varna, Burgas, Ruse and Lom. Control over the activity of the agency is carried out by the Minister of Transport and Communications.


It is EAMA’s mission to implement the national policies regarding the safety of navigation in the maritime spaces and inland waterways of the Republic of Bulgaria; protection of the marine and river environment from pollution; search and rescue in the Republic Bulgaria’s SAR area of responsibility; the qualification and registration of marine persons; the inspection, certification and registration of Bulgarian ships and ship owners; exercising of port state control; ensuring the operational suitability, registration and control of ports, as well as control over other the activities ensuring the health and life of seafarers on board ships.


The Agency organizes and coordinates the activities which ensure the safety of shipping in the maritime spaces and inland waterways of the Republic of Bulgaria; exercises control over marine fuels and their compliance with quality conditions and requirements; supervises port facilities regarding technical safety requirements compliance, healthy and safe working conditions as well as the safe implementation of loading and unloading operations by qualified personnel; organizes and coordinates search and rescue of people, ships and aircraft in distress in the Bulgarian maritime SAR area of responsibility as well as that in the inland waterways of the Republic of Bulgaria; participates in the Joint Coordination Center for Maritime and Aviation Search and Rescue; organizes and conducts examinations for the acquisition of seafarers’ certifications; maintains registers of ships, seafarers, ports and port operators.


The working hours in EAMA are fluid within the period of 7.30 and 18.30 with a lunch break of 30 minutes between the hours 12:00 and 14:00. Administrative service centers operate on a continuous mode of service provision with clients from 9.00 to 17.30. In cases where clients require administrative services and are in the office premises at the end of the announced working hours, the work of the administrative servants providing these services continues until they are provided, but not more than 2 (two) astronomical hours.

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